Zinc Stearate

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CAS No.: 557-05-1

Molecular formula: C36H70O4Zn

Structural formula:

Standard: HG/T3667-2000

Properties and Uses

Properties: White fine powder, insoluble in water, can be decomposed into stearic acid and corresponding salts in hot strong acid..

Uses: In cosmetic, plastic, machinery, rubber, paint and ink industry as a lubricant, slipping agent, thermal stabilizer, release agent and accelerator, etc..

Physical and chemical index
Item Index
Top grade First grade Qualified product
Zn, % 10.3-11.3 10.3-11.3 10.0-11.5
Melting point, ºC 120+5 120+5 120+5
Free fatty acid % (as Stearic Acid), ≤ 0.8 1.0 1.5
Loss on heat % ≤ 0.8 1.0 1.5
Fineness on test sieve % ≥ 99.0
(0.045mm test sieve)
(0.075mm test sieve)
(0.075mm test sieve)

Packing: plastic lined film bag, with plastic woven bag as external package. Net wt. 20kg.

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